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I recently received this email that claimed “Shark Tank” endorsed BioLyfe CBD Gummies or oil. “Shark Tank” has never endorsed any CBD gummies or oil. Scammers have been doing this for years with the cast of “Shark Tank,” as I indicate in some reporting in the pinned comment below. This video is just another update to the seemingly endless scam that just won’t end. Scammers are using the image and likeness of the celebrities from the TV show without permission and also using the name BioLyfe CBD Gummies without authorization from the company. I clicked the link in the email and it led me to a BioLyfe CBD Gummies article with various celebrities including the cast of “Shark Tank,” all on Within that fake article, which was misleadingly designed to look like a legitimate medical news website, I found an “Order Now” button. That order button brought me to If you got roped into this fake celebrity endorsement scam that claimed “Shark Tank” endorsed BioLyfe CBD Gummies, I found this customer service phone number that says it’s open from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., Monday through Saturday. (866) 338-3597. This was the phone number that was visible on Oct. 25. On top of the findings I already mentioned, I also noticed what appeared to be fake reviews for BioLyfe CBD Gummies that were being published on websites including Outlook India and others. These were sponsored content articles. Someone paid to put them up. They were product pitches, not impartial reviews. These fake celebrity endorsement scams look to usually come from India, China, and other countries. If you want to see a list of products that “Shark Tank” actually endorsed, check out this link: As always, I hope you got something out of this video. I’m making all of these videos on my own time on nights and weekends to help people. There’s just not enough time during the day to publish reporting about all of the scams and clickbait ads that are happening out there, so I am spending my free time to help people out, so again, please click the Like button, the thumbs up button, and that will tell Google and YouTube my video has some value, and maybe then it’ll rank highly, and therefore someone might be able to receive help before being scammed by this scam or any other out there online. Feel free to share your story in the comments below. Thanks so much for watching.


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