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Shockwave therapy for men's sexual health and urological conditions - Erectile dysfunction (ED), Peyronie's disease and Chronic pelvic pain, how does it work, what to expect, and what does it feel like? This animation answers all of your questions. For further info: For practitioners interested in shockwave devices: Storz Medical Urology: Copyright© 2021 Venn Healthcare You may not know this, but one-third of the UK’s adult male population have experienced erectile dysfunction. So there’s a firm basis for the phrase “don’t worry, this happens to a lot of guys”. What’s even more amazing is that when things don’t quite stand to attention like they once did more than 50% of those men won’t seek help or advice. When it comes to physical intimacy Erectile dysfunction can really throw a spanner in the works, it naturally creates stress, embarrassment and in some cases can even lead to anxiety and depression. You’ll likely be familiar with a few treatment options, but, if you’re unable to take non-essential medication (possibly due to an existing condition), or, if you feel that a pump goes some way to deflating the spontaneity of sex then you’ll find the next 60 seconds very interesting. There are a number of factors that can contribute to problems with impotency, including: High blood pressure or cholesterol Diabetes Heart disease Being overweight or lacking physical exercise And being over a certain age (although it can happen at any age) A lack of stiffness downstairs often stems from two physical causes, a restriction of blood flow into the vessels needed to create an erection and a lack of tension that results in the blood escaping back into the rest of the body. The waves of pressure generated by a focused shockwave device improve blood flow by dissolving plaque build-up whilst simultaneously promoting the formation of new blood vessels, helping to treat the root cause. The treatment pathway is simple, once you have a medical diagnosis we’ll hold a short consultation in which we establish how severe your condition might be, from here we can suggest an appropriate number of treatment sessions. And if you don’t have a formal diagnosis, we can help there too Lots of men are pointing towards shockwave as a solution to erectile dysfunction, and there’s a lot to like about the treatment! It has no downtime, It’s pain free And comes with no known side-effects, Each session only takes 20 minutes and is totally non-invasive, But most importantly, it’s completely drug-free While results may vary, typically patients will notice some change within a few weeks of starting treatment, but with the most significant changes occurring after 6 - 8 weeks, and if you address the underlying causes of your ED, such as high blood pressure or excess weight, then the results can be permanent. You may be interested to know that we also offer derivations of the treatment to effectively address both Peyronie's Disease and Chronic Pelvic Pain.


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